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Partnering with our local agents- Mindy Norman Farmers Insurance

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

Farmers Insurance Logo Our neighborhood agent, Mindy Norman with Farmers Insurance is SERVPRO approved!

Farmers Insurance & SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville

We are always looking at ways to grow and strengthen our communities. With so much uncertainty that can come with owning or renting a home, it's important to have an insurance agent you can rely on. We would like to take a moment to share one of our local partners, Mindy Norman with Farmers Insurance. She services the Wylie, Princeton, Allen, and McKinney areas in North Texas and provides more than just home and renters coverage. Her office is currently open for business and ready to address any concerns or questions our neighbors may have! Give them a call at 972-442-6562.

Mindy Norman 
300 W Princeton Dr Ste 11 Princeton, TX 75407

If your home or business is affected by water, fire, mold or storm damage or if you're interested in our professional cleaning/santizing services with our hospital grade disinfectant... call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville 24/7 at 972-548-6044.

We service McKinney, Farmersville, Greenville, Anna, Murphy, Commerce, Celeste, Caddo Mills, Princeton, Wylie, Lavon, Parker, Fairview and Lucas.

How to be ready for when disaster hits my home or business in Northeast Collin County, TX?

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Ready App logo on tablet or mobile phone SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan App

If you are a property or business owner in Northeast Collin County or Greenville, TX, a disaster scenario involving fire or water damage might seem unthinkable, until one day it quickly can become a reality.  After a disaster event has occurred, a quick response time is the key to help minimize property damage as well as loss of contents or inventory.

The SERVPRO Ready Plan mobile application provides home and business owners with a fast and easy way to contact your local SERVPRO Professionals when disaster strikes.  The Ready Plan app is a free emergency preparedness tool offered by SERVPRO and can be downloaded on your smartphone for immediate access.

Save time when minutes count!

The app assists residential and commercial property owners and risk managers to develop an individualized Emergency Ready Profile, which maintains important property information that will help to speed up the emergency response time after water, or fire damage occurs.  

Minimize interruption time and optimize speed of restoration!

The app also allows the user to quickly contact SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville or electronically submit a "First Notice of Loss" to the SERVPRO National Call Center, ensuring a rapid response time from a disaster cleanup and restoration specialist.  The recovery team at SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville can help the property owner evaluate options, start the insurance process and take the necessary steps to quickly begin to bring their property back to normal, "Like it never even happened."

Disasters are often unpredictable and can strike with little to no warning.  In the aftermath of a disaster event, a property owner or manager can quickly and easily connect with an expert to assist them at such an important time of need.  Instead of being unsure of what to do next, SERVPRO's Ready Plan mobile app can provide the guidance to a proper response, minimizing loss as much as possible and getting back to normal as fast as possible.  

The SERVPRO Ready Plan mobile app is a powerful emergency preparedness tool with the convenience of being right at your fingertips at the time that it really counts.  For more information on the SERVPRO Ready Plan mobile app and how it can help you get READY for the next disaster, please contact SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville at 972-548-6044.

Rates and Reviews

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Facebook Google Yelp icons for reviews REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! Help your friends here at SERVPRO Northeast Collin County/Greenville by stopping in and giving us a review!

Loved our service we provided after a disaster occurred? Have some concern and would like us to know and take care of them?

It may seem like no one uses them---BUT--- leaving us a review or rating on Facebook and Google (even Yelp!) can help us make each and every job better one step at a time! We highly enjoy receiving reviews and ratings because of these three reasons:

  1. We can address each customer based on their review/rating and publish it on our website!
  2. Why not make a great service known to others who are looking for a company to work for them? Help your neighbors find us!
  3. It can help us in SO MANY ways when you post a good review, and we appreciate them so much! We truly love reading through the reviews sections and reading the positive things people have to say about SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville!

Many people don’t realize what a big impact a review can have on us. Ratings and reviews can be SO IMPORTANT!!

So PLEASE, if you have ever used us before for services, don’t hesitate to leave us a rating or review on the links below! (search SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County and hit write a review!)

Saving Yourself from Freezing Pipes

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

frozen pipes Frozen Pipes are no Fun! Be sure to follow the above to try and prevent this!

Freezing pipes in the winter are a common thing here in North East Collin County, but your friends at SERVPRO are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to try and keep them from freezing and bursting!

  • Insulate pipes, especially those close to outside walls, attics or crawl spaces where the chance of freezing is greatest
  • Seal air leaks surrounding or near pipes
  • Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage
  • Disconnect all outdoor hoses and turn off water to exterior faucets and sprinkler systems
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing
  • Keep heat at 55 degrees F. or higher even when you are out of town
  • During a cold spell turn on both hot and cold faucets near outside walls to allow a small trickle of water to run during the night
  • If you need to be away from home, leave the heat on and drain your water system before you go
  • Identify the locations of shutoff valves so that you are prepared to stop the flow of water as soon as possible when a pipe bursts

*PLEASE NOTE: these are tips and not a guarantee that your pipes will not freeze**

The Preparation Guidelines For Natural Disasters

10/19/2016 (Permalink)

emergency kit containing basic necessities like canned food, water, blankets, flashlights and matches SERVPRO Emergency Kit The safety of your friends and family is very important to us here at SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville that's why we put together a guide to insure the health and safety of your close ones is met to your expectations. We are making steps everyday to help you get prepared for the natural disasters that can strike at any given time usually with no warning.

Here we listed some steps to help you get prepared: 

  • Step 1: Always have stored items such as food, blankets, water, flashlight, etc. in an easy to access location. 
  • Step 2: Always have a safe place you can get to in a fast and safe manner. 
  • Step 3: Always practice your safety plan set in place for your home. 
  • Step 4: You can even have an evacuation plan in place for some disasters, if you are given an emergency notice before they hit your home. 
  • Step 5: Roll call! Be sure after the disaster strikes that you have a head count and everyone is there and safe.

For more tips visit your local preparation websites, and download the SERVPRO Ready Plan app.